My diary again

Today I open my twitter @fennysmala and I play it for long time, I mention my friends… We are mention together, RT together… Until my friend create a new status…
I see it… Oh all about Justin Bieber, you know she love justin bieber so much.. Her name in twitter is justin bieber fans -_- but her real name is Dixi bella agustin…
you know I just like a bit justin bieber.. So I mention her and write “hmhm everything about JB” and also we mention together again… Suddenly Justin Bieber Fans Community or Beliebers mention me like this “@fennysmala what’s wrong with that?”
you know guys so many people at JB fans community in the world..!! I’m so frightened.. You know why? This’s the why! Because so many belieber out there, I think if I make JB ugly.. Maybe beliebers want to eat me!! So I send mention with it. “nothing wrong -_- just comment”
and it reply “ok then”…. Ohh thanks god. My friend, dixi, she mention me “fenny,.. Be careful, if you want RT… Hahaha so pity, your mention is reply by Belieber”
and than… I create new status “everything today. Someday, it will be gone ._.”
so guys! Why you’re so obsession about thing or someone in this world! So many person and thing in the world?! You must obsession just for God…
Sipp, don’t forget to follow me @fennysmala, mention me, I will follback you


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