In this month, we must fasting until lebaran’s day coming

from year to year, my fasting is never be enough for one month, well.. you know, women’s problem.. hahaha
talk about ramadhan’s month… I love ramadhan’s month, because so many food at all long the street.
This the real diary :

I went to Diamond studio last night, for OSIS’s photo together.
I went there by motorcycle with my friend, actually it’s her motorcycle.before we went there we stop in KFC Coffee, for took the senior’s suit. I borrow her suit, because I didn’t had it. Until arrived at parking area, I ran quickly to KFC Coffee.
Someone there angry with my conduct, but I still run.

the senior give me that thing I need. suddenly, when I want to go out from there, senior’s hand like want to say good bye for me, but maybe her hand so heavy because she hold two handphones at the same time, so one of handphones fall down and thrown in the parking area.

The senior was shock and jumped to took the handphone’s. When I saw, the handphone was broken at the screen, I thought that handphone was crack seriously. And I just stand like statue, because I don’t know what must to do for help her? until the another senior ask me to go out from there. That so horrible accident, you know? that handphone’s merk is New Blackberry touch screen.

When I arrived at home, I was so scared, I thought that all my fault. And I immediately sending message to my senior about that accident… and ask her to forgive me…. And until now, my message never reply by her.
that all for now … see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Assalamualaikum…hi, fenny…im so sorry for the late comment!…it’s all because of my internet connection…i just found out that something’s wrong with the inet cable…..wish i could commented as soon as u wrote this diary….well, for now, its so not up2 date, right? but, i am curious about the next story…did your senior finally contact u after the accident??

    • I’m sorry too, so late reply this comment…
      because I have been so many homework, miss >.<
      no! she hasn't contact me…..
      but 5 days ago, when I want return that jacket…
      I'd call her, but we're hard to met…
      until three days it never ran well… maybe I was in canteen that time, or maybe she didn't stay in her class, when I went to her classroom.. welll, , , so many hurdle for us.. hahahha
      but yesterday, finally we met…. haaaa 😀

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